Weekend Re-cap

I made strawberry 7up cupcakes on Thursday.  Just a box of cake mix and 12oz of diet 7up!!! So simple and so good!! Not to mention lower in calories!!
I spent some time cuddling with this sweet baby!! I love it when he's so cuddly.

Friday night we had our 1st BBQ at our house. It was a good time!! Things are finally starting to feel normal here. 

Saturday morning we slept in and then got up to make breakfast.  French Toast, Bacon, and Coffee!! Yumm-o!!!

The base held a craft fair on Saturday afternoon.  We went and checked it out just as they were closing up shop. We did manage to snag this picture of the North East Gate!! I love that we now have an awesome way to always remember our time here in Cuba.

Dakota was extra lazy on Saturday. He stayed up way to late hanging out at the BBQ.

Saturday evening we went to our favorite beach to let Kota play in the ocean.  He just loves it...totally weird because he absolutely HATED when we would take him swimming in Lake Michigan. Weird-O

I snapped this picture of Dakota watching the sunset and instantly fell in love!!! Such a cool picture.

Sunday we decided to hang up pictures. This is Tom's method to my madness.  He made a drawing with measurements to make sure everything went up as even as possible. It took hours and lots of work but the final product is awesome!!

After all our hard work creating a masterpiece we cuddled up on the couch and watched Dexter.  I am so disappointed with the final season.




Home is where your husband is...

The house is finally starting to come together!! We have pretty much all the boxes unpacked now. We just have pictures to hang up on the walls and then we have officially made this house our home!!



Backyard upgrade

When we moved in our backyard was decent sized but full of rocks and dirt. It seriously looked more like a gravel pit than a backyard. We decided we wanted to extend the patio to give us more space and to try to cover up some of that dirt!! Tom worked so hard over several days and it paid off. The patio extension looks awesome! We still have a few projects we want to work on in the future but it sure looks better than it did!!

1 month

I haven't updated the blog in a few weeks!! There really isn't a lot to post about, just more repeats of everything I have already showed all of you!! But since people have been asking I will give you some insight of our lives as we reached our one month GTMO anniversary. 

We got our Jeep!! It came in on a Wednesday on the barge but didn't get unloaded until Saturday. The BRO(base registration office) is not open on Saturdays so she had to stay locked up behind the fence until Monday. We were sad!! But come Monday we picked her up and took her to the beach!! It was everything I had envisioned it would be!! 

This boy has settled into the laid back island life. This is what he does all day everyday. Such a rough life!
Tom got bit by a dog. Nothing super serious but it left a few holes and a black thumb nail. 
We had a terrible smell in the house. Smelled like death!! We called housing and they sent someone over right away to clean out our air vents. We haven't smelled anything since. 
We have been sticking to our workout routine!! I can feel myself getting stronger and I am starting to see results. 
4 of 6 crates made it here. The other 2 were lost for 2 weeks. No one knew where they were and they had no tracking numbers for them. Two weeks of dealing with PPD we finally found out the crates made it on the next barge and would arrive 2 weeks later!! Thank GOD!! Our first delivery consisted of couches with no backs, bookshelves with no shelves, TV with out a stand, our bedroom set without legs or bedding. We made it work for 2 weeks but we were so happy to have the rest of our things delivered!! 

I decided it was time to give Dakota a groom!! I couldn't believe how well it turned out!! 
This is what we call Kota's Corner. It is his most favorite part of the yard. He sits here and sunbathes or watches what is going on in the neighborhood. Such a handsome boy we have.

Operation Unpack

Buried in boxes!!! All of our HHGs have arrived on island!!! It took awhile to get things sorted out and figure out where the missing crates were but they are all here now!! Operation unpack is underway!!  

Living Room

Back patio

Good Eats

We have been trying to eat healthier lately. Making simple changes to meals we already like as well as mixing in some new recipes. So far we have made two new meals and they have both been a hit!! 
Chicken zucchini enchiladas 
Mongolian chicken and vegetables 
Hamburgers on the grill 
Along with summer pasta salad loaded with fresh cut veggies
Homemade protein ice cream
BBQ chicken pizza
Chicken Salad
Beef Burritos 


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