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I have to admit this is scary, exciting but scary.  Adoption has always been on our hearts, even when we were hopeful of having a biological child.  We always knew that we wanted to adopt and give a child a life that they otherwise might not have.  So here we are opening up our lives and our journey to all of you.  We hope that you will join forces with us and help us make our dream come true.  We are still in the very early stages of the adoption process. Adoption is not cheap, the road to adoption is full of ups and downs and filled with many challenges, adoption is pouring your heart and soul into something and BELIEVING it will happen, but, most of all adoption is LOVE.  We ask that you consider helping us spread the word throughout our journey.  We ask that you bare with us and be understanding of our consistent need to raise money.  We have never asked for money from anyone and we would not be asking now if it was not needed.  Although the goal amount may seem incredibly high to you, it is actually only half of what a domestic adoption from a legal adoption agency in the United States costs.  If we can raise even half the cost it would be a tremendous help,   we are hoping to start a family without going into a substantial amount of debt.  We have been brain storming ways to fund-raise and have come up with a few ideas.  If you are looking for a way to help aside from making a donation you could consider some of these ideas:

*Bake Sale - Get your kids involved, they LOVE to help.  Make it a family fun event.  Bake some cupcakes, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, brownies, ect and then package them up individually.  Consider selling them for a donation at your local sporting events, churches, groups, organizations.

*Candy Bar Sale - Consider purchasing a package of candy bars from a bulk store (Sam's Club or Costco) and then selling them for donations.  This is great to do in the office!! Everyone is always looking for a mid afternoon pick me up.

*Lemon-aide Stand - Again the kids LOVE this type of thing.

*Pie Sale - The holiday season is quickly approaching.  Consider baking pies and selling them for a donation.  Let's face it, everyone is so busy this time of year.  Friends and Family will love you for doing the work for them.  All they have to do is make a donation and they walk away with a delicious pie and feel good about donating to an amazing cause.

*Frozen cookie dough - This is another great fundraiser for the holiday season.  Do you love to bake but don't want to put on weight by eating all of those delicious treats?  Consider putting your love for baking to good use by making cookie dough.  Here is an example of what can be done:

For $3.50, you can buy a pound of peanut butter cookie dough or a pound of snickerdoodle cookie dough(or whatever you choose to make).  If you buy two pounds of either kind (or one of each), it's just $6.00

For $4.00, you can buy a pound of chocolate chip cookie dough or a pound of oatmeal cookie dough ( or whatever you choose to make).  If you buy two pounds of either (or one of each) , its just $7.00

for $4.50, you can buy a pound of chocolate chip with nuts or a pound of oatmeal with nuts.  And guess what? If you buy two pounds of either kind (or one of each), its just $8.00 

*Do you know someone who is crafty and makes things?  Consider asking them to put their creativity to good use and donate items to be auctioned off. 

*Do you have a bunch of things cluttering up your home? Consider having a yard sale or adding items to craigslist and then donate the money to our fund. If you live in GTMO please feel free to drop any items at Villimar 2159A, we plan to have a yard-sale in the future. 

*Are you or anyone you know a consultant for a company? (Thirty-One, Jamberry, Scentsy, Stampin up) Consider allowing us to host an online party and then donating a percent of the profits made to our adoption fund.  

*Photography Session - Are you or anyone you know a photographer?  Consider hosting a mini session event or just a general photo shoot and donate all or a portion of the fee to our adoption fund.  

We are open to any and all ideas, if you think of anything please let us know!!   Every penny counts.  We hope you will follow along as we post updates on our family blog throughout our journey.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love, support, and encouragement!! It means the world to us, YOU are our biggest motivators!!

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Emily said...

Another option if you are in the midwest and need help with fundraising ideas, go into your local Gordon Food Service stores (no membership required) because they have a ton of things that can be used for that. You can even build your own fundraisers (cookie dough, pies, pizzas, candy bars, etc)!


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