5 on Friday Volume: 1


I am linking for my first ever 5 on Friday post!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am busy planning a huge dinner for about 15-20 of Tom's military co-workers

1.  Thanksgiving and Lions football go hand and hand for this family!!!  

2.  This will be my 1st year making a huge dinner on my own. Every year in the past we have always gone home on leave for Thanksgiving.  I have tried to stay organized and plan ahead as much as possible.  I created a menu, collected recipes, and made a grocery list.  I am hoping our 1st Thanksgiving in our own home looks as delicious as this!!

3.  Our Menu

I plan to give this Raspberry Wine Spritzer a try!!
Here is the recipe:
Combine Equal parts Barefoot Moscato White Wine(chilled)
and Diet Sprite (chilled)
add frozen red raspberries
Serve Chilled 
5.  Thanksgiving is going to be so different not celebrating with your family.  I am so thankful we have such awesome friends here with us to celebrate with.  One things is for sure, we will certainly be missing our family.


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Niki's Mama said...

Ok.... I'm so crying now ... I miss you so much. I know your Thanksgiving dinner will be awesome!! I would love to try the wine!


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