5 year Anniversary

Tom and I celebrated 5 years of marriage on September 6th.  In the past we have always planned anniversary getaways, this year we celebrated our anniversary in paradise!!!!  It was definitely a unique anniversary, one that we will never forget.  Tom had to go to the gun range for a gun shoot in the morning, when he came home we got ready and headed out to take some pictures.

It seriously looks like something out of a travel magazine, it really is that beautiful here!! There are so many shades of blue, the colors change constantly.

We visited the tree of life here in GTMO on our 5 year anniversary.  It is said to bring good luck, here's to hoping this year is filled with lots of luck and love. 

We also visited Triple C's to try out their Starbucks frapa's. It wasn't the same as the ones made in the states but it wasn't bad. 

The sunset was amazing, as always!!! The sky is a different masterpiece every night!! I will never get tired of it. 

We decided to try the Cuban Club for dinner. It was ok, nothing amazing that's for sure. We had a candle light dinner and drinks. 

It wasn't the best anniversary we have ever had but it was definitely fun and full of love. We tried to make the best of being stuck on an isolated island and remember that it's not about where you are but the memories you create! I couldn't ask for a better husband. I am truly blessed.

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Niki's Mama said...

What an awesome place to celebrate your anniversary!! People pay big money for that!


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