Pumpkin Carving

We had some of our most favorite people over for an impromptu dinner and then pumpkin carving. I first met Brittany through a mutual friend, she told me that Brittany and Andrew would be moving to the island and that Andrew was also an MA like Tom.  I was so excited to learn of a MA wife coming to the island!!!  There aren't to many of us.  I messaged Brittany on Facebook and we hit it off right away.  They arrived here in GTMO September 21st, we met them at Ferry Landing to welcome them aboard and later that night they came to celebrate my 30th birthday!!  We became island besties very quickly!! We all just get along great. The guys work the same days of the week, although, Tom is working days and Andrew is working nights we still get to hang out together on their off days!! We have had many double dates with them. They are such an awesome couple and we value their friendship very much. 


Niki's Mama said...

Great pics!! Looks like you had an awesome Halloween!

Niki's Mama said...

How did you make those designs on the pumpkins? Did you use stencils?


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