Gtmo Pumpkin Patch

I have to say that GTMO does take good care of us.  They are always coming up with ways to bring the community together and make life on island enjoyable.  They brought in pumpkins and made a
GTMO pumpkin patch up at the Youth Center.  It turned out super cute!! They even had a pumpkin carving station so you could carve your pumpkin right there and not take the mess home. They also had paints if you wanted to paint a pumpkin.  The best part about the pumpkin patch was it was FREE!!! It made my heart happy to have a piece of fall here in tropical paradise. 
Fall leaves were scattered throughout to capture the true feel of fall.

A picture area with props to capture fun fall memories!!

We went on a Saturday, the patch had been open since Thursday so a lot of the pumpkins had been picked over or munched on by the iguanas, banana rats, or anything else that thought pumpkin sounded like a nice fall treat!!  We managed to find a few good ones though!!  I can't say I have ever been to a pumpkin patch in a summer dress before!!! I love adding new pages to this chapter in our lives.  We are enjoying every moment of it.

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Niki's Mama said...

Vey cute pics of the pumpkin patch!


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