Halloween 2013

Halloween weekend was a blast.  I got in the spirit by wearing my skull tank top, I thought it was pretty festive!

I wore my Halloween spider socks to Step class the day before Halloween.

I made Halloween swirled sugar cookie for Tom's section at work.

I missed all of these cute little trick or treaters more than anything!!! Thank goodness for Facebook updates. I was beyond excited to see their sweet faces flooding my news feed Halloween morning.

Halloween day I decided I was going to try to wear a scarf. I have so many cute scarves that I haven't been able to wear here because its just to hot for something wrapped around your neck.  I gave it a try on Halloween and 30 minutes in I ditched it. It's just way to hot for scarves here. 

Tom had to work on Halloween from 6am-6pm.  Trick or Treating on the island was scheduled from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  I had invites to tag along with some of our friends who have kids and to pass out candy with friends who live in a smaller neighborhood.  I decided I wanted to stay home and see how many trick or treaters we would get.  I dressed up at Batman and Dakota dressed up at a little pumpkin.

It was about 6:45pm before our first trick or treaters arrived. We live to far up the mountain for anyone to want to trick or treat at our house.  Our favorite kids did stop by to visit and load up on candy.  Dakota was over the moon excited to have kids to play with.

Of course I couldn't resist a fall photo shoot with our little pumpkin.  He absolutely HATED that stem on his head. 

The only trick or treaters we got all night.  We spent 15 dollars on 2 huge bags of candy and we only got 5 trick or treaters.  Pebbles, Ariel, a pirate, Belle, and a superhero!!! 

When Lindsey and Lionel brought the kids over so we could see them in their costumes we had to take a minute to snap a picture of the two of us all dressed up. 

The Saturday after Halloween was the base MWR costume party.  We dressed up as Batman and Robin.  Our costumes were last minute things I threw together so we could go to the party.  I think they turned out pretty cute considering I didn't spend a single cent on them.

We headed over to Brittany and Andrew's house for a few drinks and then headed out to the party. Our plan was to take the bus so we didn't have to worry about drinking and driving. 

As we were walking to the bus stop we watched the bus drive past.  We had no idea when the next bus was scheduled to come so we just started walking.  It's a few mile walk to the Windjammer where the party was happening.  We looked pretty funny walking down the road in costumes.  We were all sweating to death so we decided it was time to try to hitch a ride the rest of the way.  We finally flagged down a van, we all climbed in and arrived at our destination in one piece (only in GTMO can you safely hitchhike).

We danced the night away, laughed, and tried to keep the creepers off from us.  It was such a fun night.  When it was time to go home we had to figure out which bus would take us to our housing neighborhood.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for the bus to finally arrive and then walk about half a mile from the bus stop to our house.  It was an awesome night, my most favorite Halloween to date!! 

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Niki's Mama said...

Great costumes! How did you get them? Did you buy the cookies swirled like that?


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