Random facts about me

1. I dont have any of my wisdom teeth, not because they were removed but because they never grew in
2. In the past 5 years I have moved 5 of a navy wife
3. I went to school for medical assisting and 2 months before graduating we found out we were moving out of the country.
4. I have a starbucks frappa addiction, we have a coffee shop here on the island that "sells" starbucks......I...t is not the same!!
5. I didnt get my drivers license until i was 18
6. The first time my husband told me he loved me was on new years eve, he wrote I love you in the snow
7. I hate driving.....especially on bridges, at night, and in traffic
8. I am a planner, i have lists for EVERYTHING
9. Our last name means Dairy or yogurt in Arabic.....we learned this last year while my husband was stationed in Bahrain.
10. I have lived in 3 different states and 2 countries
11. I dont know how to drive a stick shift
12. i have fractured both of my ankles
13. I have an eye sensitivity to lights
14. I have never been to Disney
15. I survied a hurricane, earthquake, and tornado........all in the same week
16. I am obsessed with decorating for every holiday
17. The first thing I do in the morning when I come downstairs is open the blinds......there is nothing like the sun pouring in to start the day off
18. I get hives every single day.....I really need to get an allergy test
19. I am absolutely horrible at sending things in the mail. I will buy cards, birthday presents, write checks, ect. I will even get it all packaged up and then it will sit for days/weeks/months. Thank goodness for online bill paying
20. There is a 5 year 4 month and 3 day age gap between my husband and I.
21. My family did not "like" my husband when we first started dating. They thought he was way to young for me. They quickly realized he was AWESOME and now sometimes I think they love him more than me
22. I have an unhealthy love for our dog, I worry about him constantly. I talk to him like a person and treat him like he is my baby.
23. I taught my husband how to dive into a pool
24. One of my biggest fears is that by the time we finally are blessed with a baby our parents will be to old to enjoy them.
25. My mom is the strongest most beautiful person I know. Every day I see myself becoming a little more like her and I couldnt be prouder.

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Niki's Mama said...

Not sure how I did this...these facts describe you to a "T" ! The last two comments made me cry! You should share this on FB so everyone can see what a great writer you are!!


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